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Overview of operational activities

An overview of AMDC’s Operational Activities

AMDC operated a medical centre with a laboratory, pharmacy and some diagnostic facilities such as Ultrasound Scan, ECG etc, at Laamu Gam Thundi from 1997 to 2001, at a time when there was no other medical services available at that region. The clinic team included a doctor, midwife/ nurse, a laboratory technician and a pharmacist. The clinic undoubtedly helped a great deal in enhancing the medical services available in the region and was able to organize visits by our medical team to the nearby inhabited island as a mobile clinic. The clinic was discontinued when the Government upgraded the health facilities in Gam and the demand for the private healthcare declined.

A medical centre equipped with a hyperbaric chamber at Bandos Island Resort was operated by AMDC until 1994 / 1995.

AMDC was the first private clinic to offer Laboratory services and diagnostic services such as ECG, Ultrasound Scanning and Lung-function tests, and X-ray services from a single centre in the country.

AMDC has two pharmacies; one infront of our Main Clinic in Maafannu and another one in Henveiru

AMDC had operated an emergency/first aid response clinic at Velanaa International Airport from 15 June 2011 to 30 April 2017.
The airport pharmacy was also run by AMDC during this period.

AMDC opened a new centre specially dedicated to our Physiotherapy and Dental Department, conveniently located right across the road from our main building.

AMDC ran its second clinic and pharmacy, AMDC Speciality Clinic and AMDC Chemist 1 from December 2015 till December 2017.