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  1. Scholarship Opportunities

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    We are announcing opportunities for interested candidates to apply for scholarships in Bangalore/India.

    Field of Study Course Duration No. of Scholarships
    B.Sc. – Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics 3 Years 1
    BPT – Bachelor of Physiotherapy 4 1/2 Years 1

    Criteria :

    • 4 O’Level passes + 3 A’level passes; C and above in English or
    • 5 O’Level passes + 2 A’Level passes; C and above in English

    Documents to be submitted:

    1. GCE O Level Certificate and Marks cards (attested)
    2. CE A Level Certificate and Marks cards (attested)
    3. Copy of Passport
    4. 10 passport size colour photographs
    5. Students Personal Profile
    6. ID Card Copy
    7. Police Record
    8. Two Reference Letters from previous teachers / employers
    9. 10 passport size colour photographs
    10. Scholarship Application Form

    February 28, 2017

    Download Scholarship Application Form
    (Click to download)

    AMDC Scholarship Announcement (PDF)

  2. Tips for a Diabetic Diet

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    • Avoid sugar and sweet completely
    • Avoid vegetables that grow underground (eg: Carrot, Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Potato etc)
    • Limit intake of milk, take one or two tea spoons of milk in tea
    • Avoid rice and noodle at night, take two atta (wheat) roshi or two pieces of brown bread
    • Finish your dinner before 8:00 pm
    • Your ideal breakfast should also be two atta roshi or two pieces of brown bread
    • Avoid fruit every day, take fruit once in every three days (ideally a small piece of green apple today and after three days a small piece of papaya (not fully ripe) and then after three days one green banana (boiled or steamed))
    • Avoid coconut water
    • Avoid taking three or four big meals every day, eat in small quantities in greater frequency
    • You can take a handful of rice or noodle (ideally basmathi rice or red rice) at lunch time only
    • Walk everyday for about 45 minutes


    Written by
    Dr. Biju,

    Dr. Biju is available at AMDC every day from 10:00 am to 01:30 pm. Please contact our front office for appointments.

  3. 8 Warning Signs of Gum Disease

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    1. Your gums bleed easily
    2. Your gums are very red, tender and/or swollen
    3. You can see pus in between your teeth and gums when they are pressed
    4. You have chronic bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth
    5. You notice a change in your bite or in the way your teeth  fit together
    6. Your teeth are loose or they are separating
    7. The fit of your partial dentures have changed


    Gum disease is caused by plaque & tartar remaining around the gum lines of the teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce acids & other toxins that can destroy bone & gum tissue over a period of time. The only way to remove tartar is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist.