What you need to know about COVID-19

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Coronavirus ( CoV ) are a large family of Viruses. 7 Human CoVs detected so far , some  in animals such as bats, cattle, camels and  some in humans.


Infectivity period: 1- 27  days

Recovery  time: 3 weeks to 6 weeks

It takes about an average of 5-6 days time for symptoms to show from date of infection, and can take  upto 14 days (which is the Quarantine period).


Mild  to  moderate:  Patient experiences the illness  mostly  without  hospitalisation  with a fever, dry cough and Malaise.

Less  commonly: Aches, sore throat, Diarrhea, Headache, Loss of taste, Smell, Skin rashes, Conjunctivitis, Discoloration of fingers.

Severe manifestations

  • Shortness of breath: This can be checked by the Pulse Oximeter:
    – RR  >30/mt.
    – Blood O2(Spo2) saturation <93 % ( by Pulse Oximetry, In COPD cases <88 % when supplemental O2  is  indicated).
  • Arterial Blood gas(ABG) analysis is most important and is more definitive.
  • Lung infiltrates on CXR >50% within 24-48 hours.

Critical Cases:

  • Respiratory failure
  • Septic Shock
  • Multi organ failure or dysfunction

High Risk Patients: 

  • Age 60 years and above
  • CVS /CAD 
  • Immunocompromised Patients
  • Patients with Chronic Lung/ Kidney/ Liver diseases
  • Patients with Cerebrovascular diseases
  • Obesity 

Testing for COVID 19:

There are various testing methods for Covid 19. The direct methods are the following: 

  • Rapid antigen test (Screening  test).
  • RT-PCR : Reverse Transcriptase –Polymerase Chain Reaction (Confirmatory test).
  • TrueNat ( Nucleic acid amplification Test).
  • GeneXpert – cartridge based Nucleic acid testing (CBNAT).

The indirect methods of testing for Covid 19: 

  • Antibody  positivity, useful to note Seroprevalence in community, as many cases are  asymptomatic.
  • Supplementary tests include: CXR PA, HRCT Scan and Laboratory investigations.

Vaccines that are being used:

Pfizer Biontech  /Moderna/Astra Zenca/Sputnik/Covaxin/Sinopharm.

COVISHIELD widely used in Maldives & India.

  • Name: ChAdOx1nCov-19 CoronaVirus vaccine.
  • Manufacturer Serum institute Pune, India.
  • One dose (0.5ml) contains viral particles which are recombinant, replication deficient Chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding SARS –C Spike Glycoproteins.
  • >18 yrs, IM use 2  doses , with care for hypersensitivity & in acutely febrile cases.

 Prevention is better than cure!

  • Wear a face mask. K95 mask is a mask that you can opt for as it has bacterial filtration of >99%, it is made of breathable material that allows heat & moisture to escape rapidly, helping in smooth breathing while keeping you safe.
  • Practice social distancing, educate children the importance of social distancing as well. 
  • Hand sanitization with soap & water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Sanitization of workplace & home.
  • Immediate consultation if you are showing any flu like symptoms.

Here at AMDC, our Physicians are online and here to provide you with care. Please call 3325979 for consultation appointments. K95 masks, and oximeters can be purchased from our Pharmacy. 

Article by:

Dr. Seshadri Das